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Dezigner Finishes

Quality Roof Painting & Roof Restorations Providing a 10 year Written Guarantee using Dulux Products.


  • Roof Painting
  • Roof Restorations
  • Seamless epoxy flake floor coatings
  • Exterior House Painting
  • Interior House Painting
  • Feature Walls
  • Timber Maintenance
  • Rendering
  • Pressure Cleaning

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Roof Painting & Restoration

Sunshine Coast's Roof Restoration Experts

Your roof bares the brunt of all kinds of weather conditions and will eventually lose brightness and colour. We restore this to life by pressure washing (and repointing tiled roofs), then prime with suitable primer and apply a premium quality top coat(s) with the colour of your choice. We are Dulux Accredited applicators - no.RO549


Epoxy Flake flooring is an excellent concrete coating. It is a strong, long-lasting, low maintenance, seam free attractive flooring solution for floors, walls and other surfaces for domestic home and commercial areas.

Epoxy Flake Floor coatings are a one of its kind sealing and decorating system of decorated acrylic flakes applied to a specifically prepared, 2 pac epoxy base coat and then sealed in place with a hard wearing final surface of two or more coats of a uv stable polyurethane finish. The result is a surface is attractive, seamless, easy to clean and hygienic floor.

Epoxy seamless floors are very versatile and can be used for interior or exterior, domestic and commercial applications. Flake epoxy flooring offers diverse size flake and a huge colour range with many regular colours and can be personalised to suit your needs by mixing multiple colours together. They are appropriate for application to most floor and wall surfaces in any environment, interior or exterior.


  • Low cost
  • Very hard wearing
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti bacterial
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils
  • Spills wipe away
  • Domestic and commercial applications
  • Epoxy flake floors are anti Slip
  • Uv stable non yellowing top coat

New Work/Repaints

We will work on both new work, whether it is a renovation or a new home and we pride ourselves on our quality repainting work.


With any of your interior work we will repair any weathering or damage caused by moist conditions such as mould, we specialise in repairing bathroom ceilings and walls where paint can often flake due to mould. We will also fill any cracks or holes in walls or skirtings with premium grade filler before painting. For your exterior work we will use rust converter on any visible rusty nails or screws and will prime/revive dull, bare timber before painting.


We cater to everyone’s individual styles and tastes, whether it be modern, classic or even heritage. We can use different effects and colour techniques to suit the style of your home and bring out its best features.

Sikkens Timber Maintenance

The same is true with all your exterior timber, without regular maintenance it will become mouldy and grey in colour due to the extremes in weather conditions. We can revive your timber back to its original condition using the World's No.1 Timber Care Product. (see 'Products' Menu)

Plaster Repairs

We can repair any minor or major holes and cracks in your plaster boards.

Feature Walls/Effects

Feature walls can add even the slightest change to a room and be a highlight in your home. We are up-to-date with the most modern effects in feature walls and effects including: Suede, Pearl, Colourwash, Stone/Exterior Stone, Rag Rolling and Sponging.

Rendering/Texture Coating

If you are looking to modernise an older brick, block or blue board home adding value to your property instantly, a sure way to do this is by rendering or texture coating your existing structure. This can also be done to a block or brick fence and letter box to match your home.

Pressure Cleaning & Sealing

As an extra service to enhance the appearance of your home we offer a pressure washing service to all concrete surfaces including, driveways, patios, pathways, paving, mouldy guttering and facias.

General Home Maintenance

We can take care of fitting architraves, skirting boards and doors including locks and handles and even plaining door edges to fit the door frames.